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10 Home Interior Decorating Tips

home interior decorating Tips

10 Home Interior Decorating Tipswillbe the solution toyour Home Interior Decoratingare confusedwith the size ofthe Houseis relatively small.Andoften weare puzzledbythe circumstances of our homes,we are notsatisfied with thedesignand decorationthat looksbad butto getsomething wonderfulcertainlyneedthe costis not cheap.Hereare some ofthe tricks of the Interior Designexpert that you can doin your homewithlittle effortand cost.Sometimesthesmallestthingsmakethe greatestimpact.

1. Use light colored paint for narrow spaces.

No question about light, color and arrangement of the room is very influential in the appearance of the room. The use of bright paint colors, large Windows and the addition of the glass indoors can help drain the natural light so that it can provide the optical illusion of space. The dark color is not recommended, although there are additions to the interior window and glass, but dark colors will give the impression of felt inside a box.

2. Use of mirrors as ornaments.

Not only is used as a decoration filler blank walls, mirrors can be used as a medium light enhancer in the minimal light. Placing the appropriate, across from a window, will add instant light in the room. The mirror also broaden the dimensions of the room so the room look wider.

3. You can mix and match. Mixing patterns and textures, old and new, expensive and cheap.

There is no harm in bringing together several different aspects in one of your room, as long as it reflects you, your personality and your style. There is no harm in putting the new or old stuff in a room, with varying colors and patterns can bring the warmth in your space.

4. Slip can make your room more comfortable.

The slip may be considered very disturbing, but it is very beautiful. In addition to your furniture as the protector of all dirt, slip can also be used as a means of changing the look of your furniture in accordance with the season. Above the seats there are pillows with slips will add to the impression of casual and comfortable.

5. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets have many uses, other than as a place of storage of the goods, it also can be used as an economical and elegant decoration. Put a basket woven in the living room to store magazines and books, in the kitchen can be used for fruit and vegetables.

6. Cultivate thrift into a decoration.

Do not dispose of your used items, select that can still be used because such items can we make back home as an ornament.

7. Your pot as a hanging Decoration Kitchen.

The kitchen is the one room that is important in a home, comfort and beauty should also be heeded. Not only aims to save storage space, hanging pots or kitchen appliance can also serve as decoration. In addition to easy reach you will no longer need to linger over dismantling the cupboards just to fry eggs.

8. Go green

Add plants as decorations in the House make the room became more colorful and textured. They can be assimilate pollution and harmful substances in the air. Don’t need too much and is too big.

9. Paint the bookcase.

Give the colors in the room and the furniture can provide energy and change the atmosphere of your room. Changing furniture such as bookshelves a boring one with paint according to the theme of your room. In addition the hallway ceiling and also you can use as a medium for exploration.

10. Use rugs to give the impression of gentle on wood floors.

Hardwood floors are indeed very beautiful but by administering the carpet will be more comfortable impression. In addition the carpet gives warmth, texture, color and accentuates your personality. Home with kids in it should choose rugs that can be washed, and you can use as a substitute for carpet with different textures but the same color. This is the reason why homes with children can also become a style.

10 Home Interior Decorating Tips

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